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When did Smoofer begin?

Smoofer began as a concept in February of 2007. The dream was to create a website that allowed Canadians to buy quality t-shirts, without paying obscene amounts for shipping, and waiting weeks for delivery. Smoofer, the site, launched on November 18th, 2008. We wanted to ensure every aspect of the process, from manufacturing to delivery, was perfected before we launched, in order to provide a streamlined experience for the buyer. At Smoofer, we truly believe that good customer service is a fundamental part of the online retail experience.

When will I get my shirt?

Shipping times depend on the shipping method selected. Smoofer offers free standard shipping on all orders to any location in Canada. However, Smoofer also offers expedited and priority methods when you just can’t wait. Please see our shipping policies for a more detailed explanation.

When will new shirts be posted?

New shirts are posted every 6 or so weeks

When will my shirt leave the Smoofer shipping centre?

Shirts are normally shipped within 2 days of receiving your payment

News Flash: almost ready for spring! (new collection being uploaded next week!)